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With 25 years of global trade experience, we specialize in logistics and sourcing animal proteins, fats, oils, livestock and pet chews for our clients. With local presence in the US, Latin America and Europe, we give you peace of mind by offering unique solutions and distributing quality products according to your needs.


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Progan is US based and has successfully registered its products in entities like the FDA and USDA. Today, Progan sources animal proteins, fats and oils from different species in the Americas and Europe. After years as manufacturers, we identified and created a strong network of 42 suppliers of diverse products, always ensuring quality and traceability first. We handle all logistics, reduce import/export complexities and ensure that the hundreds of ingredients moved each day arrive safely and on time.

With 45 years of combined experience after operating 20 rendering plants and a pet food
manufacturing plant, our procurement team consists of specialists in global sourcing, traceability,quality control, and finding the best pet food ingredients according to your needs. Progan is registered internationally and we have a local presence in
the US, Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, Colombia & Spain.


We source & distribute quality animal proteins made for pet food ingredients & pet treats. With our rigorous lab testing we guarantee quality and transparency for the animal meal you need. Our global partners are ready to receive our orders, no need to speak the native language, we offer you samples and U.S lab testing for all products, at a competitive price and preferred delivery method. We also manufacture pet treats and chews at our facilities and they’re available in bulk or white label.

Let us help you store, source, & distribute animal oils for your industry. With presence in Colombia and Brazil we have experience with responsible palm oil production, oil tank storage and sourcing versatile and reliable animal fats for the oleochemical market. No need to speak the native language, we offer you samples and U.S lab testing for all products, at a competitive price and preferred delivery method.

Proper nutrition is key to productive animal farming. We currently have in stock poultry, swine and fish feed meals ready for purchase. Our procurement team finds quality ingredients from global providers in the Americas and Europe ready to be distributed to your facilities. We offer U.S Lab testing, at competitive prices and preferred delivery methods.

Our logistics centers in the US, Brazil, Ecuador and Colombia allow us to move high volumes efficiently, delivering each ingredient to your door according to your needs (i.e., transloading from bulk to super sacks and vice-versa). We can also offer your most convenient point of sale, from EXW to DDP.

Our family business started 23 years ago in Cartagena, Colombia with the commercialization of livestock. As our operations grew internationally, we started manufacturing, commercializing and distributing animal proteins and premium oils in Latin America, North America, and Europe. Our commitment from day 1 has been to ensure a trusted, robust, and affordable supply chain of high quality ingredients for our partners, and we’re fortunate to continue building on that promise.