The largest shipment of live cattle, bound for Iraq

The largest shipment of cattle ever made in Colombia began yesterday at the Port of Mamonal, in Cartagena.

Some 21,000 head of cattle will be exported to the Iraqi market in the Panamanian-flagged “Nada” motor ship, which since yesterday has been docked at the main dock of that terminal, specialized in this type of export cargo.


This boat, the largest of its kind that has reached the port of Cartagena, has a capacity for 22 thousand animals and has 13 levels. The motor ship brought the food that will be required for the cattle during their transfer to Iraqi territory.

The shipping operation will continue until next Sunday, spokespersons for the firm Expoganados Internacional S.A.S., from Bucaramanga, responsible for this export, reported. To transport the animals, it was necessary to hire about 1,700 trucks.

The animals were acquired from cattle farms in the departments of Córdoba, Sucre, Magdalena, Cesar, Bolívar and Antioquia.

The cost of this shipment is about 12 million dollars. This is the sixth shipping operation that this Santander firm carries out this year through the Cartagena terminals. The most recent ones were made about 45 days ago. There were two shipments of 4,500 units each that were made through the Port of Mamonal and through Puerto Bahía.

These exports are the result of the health diplomacy that Colombia is advancing with various markets; while the country recovers the statutes of a country free of foot-and-mouth disease with vaccination.

The manager of the Port of Mamonal, José Arsenio Galvis, explained that the ship that carries out the loading of the cattle is 203 meters long and 34 meters wide. The draft of it is 12 meters. The docking area of ​​this maritime terminal has a depth of 13 meters, which facilitates the operation.