We are a comprehensive logistics operator with the DIAN (Colombian Directorate of Taxes and Customs) resolution where we are endorsed as a special customs user (service industrial) in the Free Zone.

We are a comprehensive logistics operator with the DIAN (Colombian Directorate of Taxes and Customs) resolution where we are endorsed as a special customs user (service industrial) in the Free Zone, therefore, we have a broad portfolio of services within the supply chain, mainly for the animal feed industry.

International transport

  • We plan the transportation network of raw materials and finished products.
  • We develop transport and carrier policies.
  • We carry out our operations based on established transportation rates, according to volumes, means and destinations.
  • We take care of the coordination of the different means of transport, taking into account:
  • Monitoring of transport circuits for finished products and raw materials.
  • Monitoring of import and export transportation.

Customs Transit

Based on the norms contemplated in the Colombian customs transit regime, we take care of the transport of national or foreign merchandise, under customs control, from one customs office to another located in the national customs territory.

Under the Customs Transit modality The customs transit modality is requested and authorized for merchandise that is consigned or transferred to the Nation, territorial entities and decentralized entities, to a user of a free zone, to a holder of a warehouse. private, or when the goods are to be subjected to one of the following import modalities

  1.  Import for transformation or assembly.
  2. Temporary import for active improvement of capital goods.
  3. Temporary import in development of special import-export systems.
  4. Temporary import for industrial processing.

Transport of Goods ITR, DTA, OTM and NATIONAL.

We are transport coordinators in these modes of transport, having a network of allied transporters hosted by The Anti-Smuggling Business Coalition (BASC), with competitive rates and optimal transit times. We manage traffic indicators, allowing us to offer the solution to your different transport projects with efficiency, speed and safety.

Advantages of Our Services

  • Thanks to our experience in transport logistics operations inside and outside the Free Trade Zone, we are able to offer your company timely and reliable information during the execution of its operations.
  • Logistics coordination of your merchandise, providing compliance, agility, competitiveness and profitability to your company.
  • Measurement of efficiency in operation and optimization of port costs.
  • Control and supervision of truck loading.
  • Monitoring and follow up.
  • Urgent deliveries
  • Insurance policy supplies according to your requirements.
  • Guarantees of cost coverage, for delays in withdrawal from port and / or storage.

Custody and Storage

  • In order to comprehensively manage the storage of your merchandise, we cover various aspects such as:
  • Reception
  • Supervision in the reception of imported and national products
  • Registration in the system and management of online and offline documents
  • Product handling
  • Location under product specifications and features
  • Preparation for order fulfillment
  • Junction with the dispatch section
  • Inventory and stock control
  • Load
  • Download
  • Storage
  • Stowage and stowage
  • Filling and consolidation and unloading of containers
  • Ground handling or cargo transportation
  • Classification
  • Recognition.
  • Quality sampling.


  • We have various means such as warehouses, transportation and maintenance tools, guaranteeing the best distribution logistics for your business. Our activities address:
  • Storage or stock of raw materials and finished products.
  • Sea, land and air transport.
  • Central warehouse or grouping platform.
  • Separation or distribution platforms.
  • Transportation to points of sale.

Advantages of Operating in the Free Zone.

Some benefits for your company are the following:

  • Possibility of making temporary exits from the Free Zone of raw materials, parts and supplies for transformation or assembly without payment of duties or VAT.
  • Nationalization of final goods by paying tariffs on the foreign component only.
  • Agile and safe redistribution to any country in the world of parts or goods assembled in Colombia
  • Assembly, transformation or elaboration in the Free Zone of its raw materials and shipment to any country without additional customs procedures.
  • Introduction to the Free Zone of national raw materials and parts freely available without special customs procedures.
  • Entry of raw materials, parts and pieces from the rest of the world without payment of taxes during their stay in the Free Trade Zone.
  • There is no time limit in the Free Zone for assembled or transformed goods.
  • VAT refund on raw materials and national parts re-entered to the Free Zone and / or exported to