21 years of experience

Our company started 21 years ago when our uncle sold 4 bulls here in Cartagena, Colombia. Today, we are excited to share that we are responsible for the majority of the global exports of live cattle from Colombia, mostly to the Middle East and other places around the world. Breeds such as the Colombian Brahman and Zebu, are famous for having some of the best genetic quality in the world.


Natural resources

We source our ingredients maintly from our own livestock, allowing us to preserve our hormone free, minimal stress practices.

Open range

Just a we started, we belive in raising our cows in open fields and only feeding them their natural source: grass.

Disease free

Colombia's health status has allowed Colombian beef to reach markets such as Russia, Egypt, Angola, Peru, Jordan, Lebanon, The United Arab Emirates and Chile.

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The largest shipment of live cattle, bound for Iraq