Soy protein concentrate

It is the result of soy processing, seeking the generation of added value, maximizing its protein levels and digestibility. The ingredient is free of anti-nutritional factors, it is used worldwide as an economically viable solution for high-performance nutritional programs, such as the nutrition of fish, shrimp, piglets, chickens and PET.


  • Crude protein level higher than 60% (natural base)
  • Free of anti-nutritional factors
  • Stable Quality Standard
  • Supply constant, without seasonality.


Criterion Rank g/Kg
Fat Minimum 4g/Kg
Ferib Minimum 50g/Kg
Mineral Material Minimum 70g/Kg
Crude protein Minimum 600
Solubility in KOH 0.2% Minimum 70%



Criterion Limit Method
Salmonella Absence / 25g ISO 6579
Enterobacteriaceae <300 fcu/g ISO 5552
Clostridium perfringens Absence /g Plate count