Blood meals

It is the result of the processing of bovine blood by-products.
100% Transformed bovine blood protein, made with fresh ingredients that guarantee optimum quality.

Raw material for feeding animals, fish and pets. Not suitable for consumption. Bovine blood meal is a homogeneous product with a typical smell and a red color.

Bovine blood meal is manufactured according to Colombian regulations.

Minimum 50 ppm BHA and BHT
Estimated 12 months. Keep in a dry and cool place


Criterion Minimum Maximun Method
Protein (%) 80 85 AOAC 984,13 Kjeldahl
Fat (%) 4 6 AOAC 920,39C
Ash (%) 6 8 AOAC 923,03
Humedad (%) 6 8 AOAC 964,22
Digestibilidad (%) 80 85 AOAC 971-09


Criteris Limit Method
Salmonella Absence / 25g ISO 6579
Enterobacteriaceae <300 fcu/g ISO 5552
Clostridium perfringens Absence /g Plate count