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At Progan Caribbean, we put our clients’ needs first and we have developed sustainable systems to ensure high quality products, competitive prices and great customer service. Our strengths rely in our experience with global trade – 20 years trading livestock, animal meals & by-products, pet toys and agricultural products;  our multigenerational relationships with local partners and our presence in Latin America and Europe; our distribution center in the US, and our company philosophy to continue innovating every step of the way.

Alejandro Duque

Director of Business Development, North America

About Alejandro

Alejandro brings 10 years of experience in global trade, distribution and financial analysis. Alejandro worked at Google as a financial analyst for 7 years where he led content acquisition for US Hispanic & LatAm content at YouTube. Given his passion and understanding of international business and logistics, he was tapped as Progan’s Director of Business Development to expand operations in the US & Canada. Alejandro holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration with a major in Finance and minor in Real Estate from the University of Florida. In his free time, he enjoys volunteering and connecting with rescued horses.

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Andres Giraldo

Director of Business Development, Latam and Europe

About Andres

Andres brings 20+ years of experience in animal by-products and global trade. His career started in 1999 by trading livestock and animal by-products, and in 2002, Andres was tapped to build and operate a 25,000 SQFT rendering plant in Cartagena, Colombia. After operating the facility for 12 years as Chief Manufacturing Director, he became Progan’s Director of Procurement for LatAm and Europe. Given his vast knowledge of machinery and manufacturing, Andres was assigned to find the best product and build relationships with certified rendering plants in Europe and Latin America to supply animal meals, fats and oils, locally and internationally – today, we have distribution and commercial partnerships with 31 suppliers. Andres holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration and International Relations. He is a grill connoisseur and loves to host his family, friends and clients for memorable BBQ’s.

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Paul Gahan

Director of Business Development, Argentina

About Paul

Paul has gained vast experience in exports of particularly Meat – frozen and chilled beef – pork, plus lamb and mutton frozen as well as their offal’s.

Initially about 35 years ago he started in Argentina working for the main meat packing plants such as Swift, Finexcor, Penta and also participated in Global Trade business for human and animal nutrition.


During 1994 he joined Carex trading company as partner. During 2001 he initiated his own trading company GahanTrade, primarily focused in meat and by products for human consumption, Fertilizers (crushed hooves to Italy), Pet foods (beef lungs as raw material to Germany).


He also participated in imports from Belgium to Argentina of mash potatoes which were highly successful. Up today he has focused on beef exports chilled, frozen, cooked, canned corned beef, also several by products, as well as poultry and fish. For our company Progan SA he has dealt primarily on Meat and Bone meal for Colombia and the United States.

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Mariela Irala

Chief Marketing & Investors Officer

About Mariela

Mariela leads the Marketing team with a background in journalism, and a Bachelor’s of Science in Film Technology. She was a host and producer at Yahoo! for 6 years creating content. She has worked in national campaigns with clients such as Sprint, Walgreens and Discovery H&H among others. A native Spanish and English speaker, she is passionate about visual communications and community contribution. 

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Our family company and humble beginnings created our experience, company values and future vision of being a sustainable company.

25 years ago, our founder moved to the beautiful Caribbean coast, Cartagena, from his native city, Medellin. He had been involved in the clothing and textile industry his entire life but after learning about the livestock industry in the area, he decided to get into the business. His first operation was buying and reselling 5 bulls locally in 1999, and Progan del Caribe SAS was founded.

1995 - 1999

 As the livestock business continued to pick up, a rapid growth in the leather business leads Progan to begin producing rawhides and start working closely with meat processing plants. By the end of 2002, Progan was selling 300 hides per month and involved in the meat processing business.

Solid relationships, business developments and innovation throughout our supply chain led to bigger clients, and in 2006 Progan started sourcing meat to the biggest supermarket chains in the area, such as Megatienda. The leather business kept on growing and we began commercializing animal by-products from local and global providers.


With higher demand and the need for better logistics to meet our clients’ needs, we created Progan Logistics and opened our first warehouse in Santa Rosa, Cartagena. By the end of 2009, we were importing and distributing animal by-products from other countries in Latin America, Asia and Europe. Interestingly, Beef Fat Oil became our hottest product.

During the second half of 2011, we started building a 25,000 SQFT rendering plant and in February of 2012, after many challenges, we officially began manufacturing and selling animal by-products nationally.


Our business goes global! While we had been commercializing and importing products since 2009, Progan began exporting live cattle to Europe and the Middle East, and animal by-products to other countries in the Americas in 2015.

We launch our US headquarters in Miami, FL and Progan Caribbean Corp. is formed, dedicated to animal by-products, animal feed ingredients and produce. With the growing demand for fresh, organic and sustainable produce in the US, Progan built a state-of-the-art packaging plant in Bayunca given its close proximity to the ports and agricultural areas, and leveraging our global trading experience we began distributing yams, limes and cassava from Colombia.


Progan coordinates the largest export of live cattle ever made from Colombia, an operation involving 21,000 heads from Puerto Mamonal to the Middle East - 11,000 nautical miles, 45 days at sea. Fortunately, the cattle arrived in great condition which created a new level of interest from other countries in the Middle East.
By working closely with pet food manufacturers, we notice the need for healthy and nutritious pet chews and pet treats in the US market. Our rendering plant is expanded and Progan launches a line of natural pet chews and treats sourced from our farms and using high quality meals.