Poultry Oil is used as an ingredient in the manufacture of balanced diets of non- ruminant animals, being included in diets of poultry, pigs, fish and pet food. Also Used in the production of biodiesel.

Store in stainless steel tanks.
Clear, with yellowish tones.

Progan’s promise: 

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  • Relations with certified providers worldwide.
  • Quality control & traceability.
  • Lab Supported / 3rd Party Verification.
  • US Storage and global distribution from our warehouse

Guaranteed Analysis

Humidity 1% Max 
Impurity 1% Max
Acidity free in oleic acid  3.5% Max
Unsaponifiable 0.5% Max
Total Fatty Acids 97% Min

Composition of the product
Antioxidant Additive.
Non-edible by-Products of bovine slaughter.

Expiration date

180 days after the date of manufacture.

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