Meat and bone meal (MBM) is a natural source of protein and minerals including calcium, phosphorus and fat, which is used as an ingredients for the production of balanced animal feed, being commercialized for pet food, poultry, swine, fish, and other non-ruminant species.

The raw material is collected from slaughterhouses inspected (SIF) and is 100% bovine processing at our plant.

The meal is free from any additive that improve your natural protein.

In bulk “bag’s” of approximately 40Kg each or in “big-bag’s” of approximately 1.300 Kg each.
In a clean and dry place, at room temperature, protected from direct sunlight.
Brown, in shades from golden to darker brown.

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  • Responsibly sourced ingredients.
  • Relations with certified providers worldwide.
  • Quality control & traceability.
  • Lab Supported / 3rd Party Verification.
  • US Storage and global distribution from our warehouse

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Guaranteed Analysis

Protein 50% Min
Ash 33% Max
Fat 12% Max
Fiber 3% Max
Moisture 8% Max
Calcium 8-10% Min
Phosphorus 4% Min
Protein Digestibility 85% Min IN PEPSIN
Antioxidant 200 PPM min

Typical Amino Acids Profile

We do not guarantee information about the amino acid profile of this ingredient.

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