Poultry Meal 67%

Our premium grade Chicken Meal is ideal for use in the manufacture of pet foods and balanced diets of non-ruminant animals. It is highly digestible, golden brown color and very palatable.

  • Participant of the Animal Protein Producers Institute (APPI)
    Code of Practice.
  • Facilities registered with Food & Drug Administration (FDA).

Progan Caribbean Corp. has the ability to source animal proteins
from certified suppliers according to your needs. Please contact us at nutrition@progan.co for additional information.

Super sacks / big bags, short ton or metric ton.
Store in a dry, ventilated place and away from walls.
Golden Brown.

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Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Protein 67.0% Min
Crude Fat 7.0% Min
Ash 16.0% Max
Moisture 10.0% Max
Acidity index in
6.0% Max
Protein digestibility
in pepsin 0.2%
75.0% Min
Peroxide index
in meq/kg
5.0 Meq Max

Typical Amino Acids Profile