Treats and Chews
for Dogs

We produce, market, and distribute dog treats made with 100% natural and innovative ingredients for the enjoyment and well-being of your pets.

Bully Sticks

Made from top-quality bovine pizzle, dehydrated to a moisture level of up to 8%.


Dehydrated Bovine Pizzle



Dehydrated Bovine Pizzle




Oven-baked bones for dogs, completely natural and dehydrated.

Beef Femur Bone


Hind Shank




Beef Marrow Bone


White Bone


Short Knuckle


Esophagus and Trachea

Esophagus and trachea for dogs, completely natural and dehydrated.

Dehydrated Bovine Esophagus


Dehydrated Trachea


Features that will fascinate you

Help maintain good dental health

Reduce your pet's stress

Gluten- free



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Progan Pets' 100% natural treats and chews are specifically made to complement pet nutrition. 

We manufacture nutritious snacks for pets, sourced from our livestock and global partners; we offer trials and samples for all products at a competitive price and with the preferred delivery method for each customer. Available in bulk, white label, or individually.