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in the pet food

Customers are always looking for the best quality food that the market can offer them; At Progan, we are personally in charge of selecting the best samples of animal meals with special and quality ingredients, fully certified, that meet the needs of consumers and their pets, with competitive prices for the market.

What consumers and their pets need.

Special ingredients with a purpose for your pet, with the best quality you can offer your best friend.

As pet owners we know that the most important thing for you is their well-being and nutrition; That is why at Progan we have meals of animal origin with high protein content and ingredients with a purpose. We are responsible for the global supply and distribution of animal meal for food producers, mainly in the United States and the rest of the world.

This is how we guarantee the quality of our products.

We personally select samples and subject them to a rigorous physicochemical analysis in our laboratory, where we carefully review chemical and bromatological parameters, verifying that all our products go through a process of cleaning foreign particles such as metals and plastics. f the feed stocks meet the established parameters, it is released to begin processing; adding antisalmonella in concentrations approved by legislation,avoiding cross contamination, infestation of equipment and ensuring safety through traceability in the elimination of all types of different elements that may be present in the final product.

This process allows us to guarantee the safety of the manufacturing of our products.


We verify each process with the aim of maintaining detailed traceability of each of the stages through which our products pass.

Storage and distribution

We have warehouses strategically located in countries to effectively supply and distribute your supply chain without any operational setbacks.


Our staff and logistics system are fully optimized with processes that facilitate the necessary operation to adjust to your times and requests.


We have our own laboratory, where we carry out detailed analysis of each meal sample to verify initial parameters that allow us to guarantee the quality of our entire process.

Quality control and cleanliness

Each sample undergoes a rigorous physicochemical analysis in our laboratory, where we review chemical and bromatological parameters. In this way we verify the cleanliness of foreign particles such as metals and plastics; Guaranteeing the safety of each final product.

Our products are 100% animal origin

We specialize in the production, supply and distribution of original products with high protein content, derived from animals such as: pork, turkey, duck, bovine, shrimp, poultry, fish, feathers, meat and bone.

We are committed to every detail to ensure the delivery of an exceptional product that meets each customer's specific requirements.

By carrying out analysis of these parameters we guarantee the formulation required by each of our clients; We also ensure the stability of the product and that it is free of unwanted pathogens.

In addition, we guarantee exhaustive monitoring of our production process; precisely tailoring every detail to meet the unique requests and specifications of each of our clients.


At Progan we are leaders in the supply of animal meals to completely reliable suppliers. Our meals contain a high level of protein, including: turkey, shrimp, duck, lamb, chicken, pork, bovine and beef; supplying according to the needs and demand of each client.

Contributing to a more sustainable future

And we guarantee the high-quality animal protein that your pet needs.

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