It is only possible to obtain a quality product if the raw materials and supplies are of quality, and in an increasingly competitive market with consumers who change their eating habits, choosing carefully every detail of production makes the difference in strategic terms.

And this is not a foreign issue for the production chain of products of animal origin, especially in the choice of inputs and ingredients for animal nutrition, an essential factor in this production chain.

That is why it is essential to know how to choose suppliers of raw materials, supplies and ingredients, but among so many options, how to choose the right supplier?

These are some essential points that we must take into account when choosing this provider:

  • The raw material it uses follows international quality standards.
  • The entire production chain is integrated, following the necessary technical criteria.
  • They follow animal welfare standards, with animals raised and treated without stress until the end of the production chain.
  • Herd health standards are followed.
  • The company is certified for quality control tools.
  • The company has a relationship of association and respect with rural workers.
  • The company works to minimize or eliminate the environmental damage it can cause during its production processes.
  • The inputs were subjected to physicochemical (protein, humidity, fat, ash), biological (salmonella) and sensorial (color, smell, presentation, presence of foreign objects) analyzes.

It is clear to us that choosing a good supplier is not a simple process, there are several factors that must be evaluated, considering the need for a systemic vision where they must consider everything from the technical factors involved to the values ​​and principles related to the company.